Western Loudoun Lacrosse (WLL) is a youth organization comprised of registered members, Board members, coaches and parents. We exist to enable youth to learn, grow, and develop skills via lacrosse competition. The administrators, coaches, parents, and spe
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Western Loudoun Lacrosse Registration Refund Policy


1. Refunds for regular season registration of any amount will NOT be granted once team formation takes place.

2. For regular season registration, a refund of registration fees less $50 shall be granted, if requested no later than January 25 for the spring season. In general, refunds of clinics and similar activities must be requested at least 14 days prior to the first scheduled event.  Refund requests should be forwarded to

3. Any refunds granted shall be subject to deductions for any processing fees or expense incurred related to the registration. Costs deducted may include County fees, Western Loudoun Lacrosse fees, NVYLL fees or specific uniform or equipment fees committed to on registration.

4. Refunds are NOT provided because families cannot, or will not, accommodate their schedules to Western Loudoun Lacrosse practice or game times and refunds are not provided because the league will not accommodate a specific coach/team request or car pool request, except within the dates and for the amounts shown in the guidelines above. In addition, injuries are a part of all sports at any level and are not generally considered as a reason for a refund, except within the dates and for the amounts shown in the guidelines above.


5. Western Loudoun Lacrosse reserves the right to change this policy at any time and to deny or approve a refund for any reason. We strive for consistency and fairness and will evaluate every request objectively. However, there may be circumstances Western Loudoun Lacrosse did not foresee when forming this refund policy that may require us to deny or approve a particular refund request or to change the refund policy.


6. Western Loudoun Lacrosse will make every attempt to be consistent across this website.  If there is an inconsistency between this policy and a policy listed elsewhere on the site or in other materials, the President of the league will have the final determination as to which policy takes precedence.  If you find an inconsistency, whether related to this policy or other web content, please report it to